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Our story

Finding ways to help urban commuters deal with the traffic congestion associated with city life has always been the inspiration behind JIVR. Starting in 2011, founder Marcin Piatkowski, then studying at University College London and the London Business School, began searching for ways to find solutions to this problem through the use of clever technology and attractive design.

After two years of market research and development, the result was the creation of the world’s first folding, electric, chainless bicycle, the JIVR. After the addition of expertise from advisors from Tesla, Pepsi, BMW and Jaguar, production was started in 2014.

Marcin Piątkowski - JIVR CEO

Our story


The site selected for the manufacturing facilities was Mielec, Poland. It was the ideal choice for JIVR, given that it has long been a production base for many of the global giants of the aerospace and defense industries.

The abundance of advanced technical know-how and facilities tooled for the production of cutting-edge technologies meant that the development of JIVR could be put on a fast track while ensuring the highest possible levels of quality during the process.

After a number of beta versions and refinement of production methods, the first fully functional JIVRs came off the production line in late 2016.

Our story

Our future

Since then, we have moved from one success to another, from attracting extensive media interest and investor support to expanding our production capacity and establishing a network of JIVR Customer Care consultants throughout Europe.

Looking forward into the future, we will continue to be guided by the mission that has inspired our journey from the very beginning, to apply technology to the issues faced by urban residents around the world.