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Paul Sawers, Venture Beat:

Based on VentureBeat’s tests, the JIVR | Bike is an excellent piece of kit — it worked flawlessly and serves to fulfill a genuine demand.

Gary Cutlack, Gizmodo:

That's probably one of the most svelte and simple functional designs that I've seen for an electric folding bike!

Chris Smith, BGR:

Cycling fans searching for 21st century bike should look no further than JIVR.

James Austin, Customer:

The quality of engineering and standard of the finish far exceeded my expectations! It's a great piece of design.

Pat Tsang, Customer:

This is definitely the best electric bike in the show (…) If you are ever looking for an electric folding bike with style, look no further.

Spress, Customer:

It (JIVR Bike) looks so beautiful, I cannot wait to get my hands on it & am absolutely certain that it'll be worth the wait. So pleased to be a part of this great project.”